Crazy Photographer


I am that crazy photographer…

I keep trying to push myself in my photography. If you see the photographer dressed in all black making a full on production scene, doing cartwheels and/or squats with a lighting crew and maybe some farm animals out at Bull Creek Green Belt , McKinney Falls, or the blue hole, that is probably me!! The other weekend I was out at Bull Creek and it was so incredibly amazing. My niece was the subject model in the famous Parachute dress. She felt like such princess. It was the first nice day Austin has seen in a while so there were lots of people out and about at this specific location. Equipped with a Profoto B1 kit, a Profoto A1, My Nikon D850, and my 105mm fixed lens, and a leaf blower my team and I gathered around around a big rock in the middle of Bull Creek Park. I needed all hands on deck for this one and in all honesty I should have provided crew shirts for my family members as we made quite the scene on the first sunny day in Austin in a while and everyone was out and about enjoying the park. We proceeded to hoist my 9 year old niece in her parachute dress and my 60+ year old mother up on the rock equipped with a Profoto A1 light and a leaf blower as she sat underneath the parachute dress to get the wind effect. My husband and my brother manned the Profoto B1 lights in the creek beneath all the while my daughter and my nephew played in the creek bed below. It felt like a full fledged production set as park strollers and picnic goers gathered around us to watch the production. I yelled out lights, action and proceeded to capture my nieces inner 13 year old model in action. Worth it! Don’t put it past me to dress up your daughter in a little red riding outfit or a mermaid outfit and throw her into a production with lights in the middle of a jogging trail as joggers pass by, or in the middle of the water at the Blue Hole. I am that crazy photographer and honestly can’t wait to capture a photography session for you that you have always wanted! Contact me to schedule your session today!